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LocknLoad™ is a simple onsite management system that turns your mobile phone into a multi purpose recorder, allowing you to instantly capture important information about the job you’re working on, and keep accurate records of every stage of that job, whatever industry you're in.

LocknLoad™ is the best solution for keeping accurate reccords of what happens day to day in the workplace for owners, managers and staff.

LocknLoad™ is endorsed and has been in partnership with a wide range of Industry Leaders.



Whats NEW at LocknLoad™?

Health and Safety Records

Fill out 8 Health and Safety Worksheets from the website and the LocknLoad™ APP.  Document Staff meetings, Safety inductions, and Checklists quickly and easily.

The most common Hazards in your industry are preloaded into the worksheets along with guidelines to make it easier for you.  Multiple electronic signatures can now be obtained on the SSSP with quick sharing of these documents.



New and improved Timesheet features, all entries time and date stamped with a geotag, with the ability to create reports from the LocknLoad™ website.  This means you can see where your crew were and exactly what time they started and ended the day.


Staff Training Record

 Want to document your Staffs training?  You can!  Do this direct from the LocknLoad™ APP.

Keep an accurate record of their skills and learning as they complete tasks in the workplace.



We have added MANY new services to support you when you use LocknLoad.  Contact us by email and now you can contact us direct from the LocknLoad APP with the options of emailing, phoning and texting us.  See below for contact details.

New tutorials have been added to the website providing better guidance when using LocknLoad.

Setup Support.  When you subscribe to LocknLoad you will receive instructions on how you can set up your LocknLoad account.  There is also a tutorial on the website that demonstrates how to set up LocknLoad.  Also, if you want US to set up your account, you can now click on the 'Help with Set Up button' on the Job List page and for a small fee we will do it for you.

One on one training is available.  Proving to be THE best way to get you familiar with LocknLoad quicksmart. Ask for one on one training today




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